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Is your future decided by where you're born?

Charlotte Attwood | 16:07 UK time, Wednesday, 28 April 2010

An international art exhibition in London this week is looking at the lottery of birth. This got us thinking about what it is that dictates our future?

children.jpgSome believe that where you are born will decide your future, but can you not shape your own destiny? Is it not down to personal determination to overcome adversity, or do you feel the odds are too heavily stacked against you?

Is this attitude holding Africa back?

Do you feel your fate was decided by where you were born? Have you overcome adversity in your life and succeeded against all odds? How did that happen? What can you as an individual do to shape your own destiny? Send us your views.

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Is the shirt on your back made in Africa?

BBC Africa HYS Team | 19:08 UK time, Tuesday, 27 April 2010

If you look in your wardrobe how many of your clothes are made in Africa?

All this week African cotton producers are in Kenya to discuss how they can promote the textiles industry on the continent.

Currently,world cotton prices are at record high but for the past five years Cotton production in Africa has been on the decline according to the African Cotton Association.



In Ghana, the government is throwing a lifeline to its textiles industry - renowned for its printed fabrics - to make it more competitive by considering subsidies to farmers and ensuring a regular and cheaper supply of water and electricity to factories.

Is Africa's cotton industry in danger of disappearing? Can Africans do more to save it? Do you consciously try to buy African clothes or are other producers doing it for less and getting your custom as a result? Send your views and don't forget to tell us where you're from.

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How would you like your country portrayed on TV?

Chikodili Emelumadu | 15:16 UK time, Monday, 26 April 2010

Senior officials in Nigeria are complaining about a new BBC documentary series on Lagos.

The documentary, Welcome to Lagos, explores life at the sharp end of one of the most extreme urban environments in the world, through the eyes of slum dwellers - some living on rubbish dumps on land and water.


lagos.jpgIt shows them as they go about their daily lives, trying to make ends meet by scavenging for re-useable products from the dump, boiling blood from abattoirs to make feed for animals and dumping rubbish on the lagoon to make it solid enough to build - and rent - houses.

But critics say the documentary does not reflect the true state of Lagos. Mr Tafida, the Nigerian High Commissioner to the UK stated that, not airing other aspects of life in the city demonstrated lack of balance and fairness on the part of the BBC.

Are TV portrayals of your country accurate? What part of your country would you like to see reflected more in the Western media?

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We've moved...

Charlotte Attwood | 11:49 UK time, Wednesday, 14 April 2010

We are changing the format of our website. As you will notice, if you are a regular BBC Africa Have Your Say contributor, things are a bit different.

Don't panic, you will be able to take part in just the same way and we're still just as excited about what you have to say. All you need to do is re-register in order to add your comments to all future debates. If you want the opportunity to voice your opinion live on air on BBC Africa Have Your Say then please email your telephone number to and we'll try and call you back. We apologise in advance for the inconvienience but it doesn't take long and we promise it'll be worth it!

There will be a new debate up on Monday in the new format. So, you just need to register for now and you can start having your say on Monday.

We hope you like our new look and welcome on board!

The BBC Africa Have Your Say team.


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