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Adil Ray | 11:27 UK time, Monday, 23 February 2009

Well a fantastic night last night for Slumdog and boy are we milking it! Why not? It is great to see a film like that getting such recognition. I can't help thinking that the best bit of all this is the street kids who find themselves at the Oscars. There's almost another film in there somewhere - I suspect someone in bollywood is working on it - The Slum Dog Oscar Boy!

Lets not forget our Brumdog either -  the dog who was looking for some personal treatment. Hear the call to a pooch salon here:

Listen from my show page

Don't forget if you would like me nestling between your phone and your tissues, download the podcast and put me in your pocket. It feels great. You can do it here.

I am off to buy a suit. I have realised that I am becoming the one suit guy...not a good look. I was at the British Asian Sports Awards and realised that every time I've been at the Marriot Hotel Park Lane, fours time in all I've been in the same suit. The doorman thought I hadn't left since the Halal Butchers Awards event last year.

Much Love,

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  • Comment number 1.

    Hi Adil
    I probably should not be using this blog to say all this, BUT, I have been listening to your show for quite a while now. No doubt you have hundreds of people telling you this all the time, BUT (yes i like my BUTS dont I??) I think you are the best presenter I have ever heard.
    This feels really weird as you probably think I am some kind of Physcho, But (here she goes again I here you cry) you are absolutely hilarious and more importantly you share the same views and opinions about lots of subjects / topics that I do (not many people out there like our sense of humour).
    Anyway, moving on, I agree that Slum Dog has got to be the best movie made in a long time - I doubt many could compete with it. It is a great story, both romantic and sad - definately an oscar winner in my opinion (as well as many others out there).
    Keep up the good work.

  • Comment number 2.

    Hi adil i recently heard that you have adopted a monkey i think that is absalutley brilliant please can you read this out at about eight in the morning as i will only be able to hear it then on the radio as i will be on my way to college.

    i am a catering student at Boston College
    my name is Alice Edwards and my driver is called hussain he works for budget taxis

    this will make both of us very happy and will be the highlight of our day ]

    thanks..alice xxxxxx


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