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James Stirling (6 Music) James Stirling (6 Music) | 12:35 UK time, Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Thanks for all your photos to coincide with Glastonbury. Black Squadron responded brilliantly to 'Front Room Festival' and 'Dress up as a Glastonbury band', click below to see the results. Don't forget that if you missed the shows, there are three podcasts here (available for the next few days only).


Front Room Festival Gallery frontroom.jpg


Dress up as a Glastonbury band Gallery Florence.jpg

Adam and Joe Blog BBC 6 Music Glastonbury Adam Buxton Joe Cornish


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James Stirling (6 Music) James Stirling (6 Music) | 12:00 UK time, Sunday, 20 June 2010

adam-ed_2.jpg Let the beard competition begin... This week we are delighted to welcome Ed O'Brien! Apart from being a serious threat to Dave Grohl's title as 'the nicest man in rock', Ed is also Radiohead's guitarist, percussionist, vocal harmoniser and all round vibe technician. Climb aboard as we blast off into a Space mixtape.




Radiohead - Subterranean Homesick Alien (OK Computer, 1997)

Eric B & Rakim - Follow The Leader (Follow The Leader, 1988)

Aphex Twin - Polynomial-C (Classics, 1995)

The Police - Walking On The Moon (Regatta De Blanc, 1979)

John Barry - The Black Hole Main Titles (Black Hole OST, 1979)

Rip Torn & Bowie - The Man Who Fell To Earth dialogue (1976)

The Beach Boys - 'Til I Die (Landlocked, 1970)

David Bowie - Space Oddity (Scary Monsters/Alabama Song b-side, 1979)

Frank Black - Space Is Gonna Do Me Good (Teenager Of The Year, 1994)

Deodato - Also Sprach Zarathustra (Theme from 2001: A Space Odyssey) (Prelude, 1972)

Diplo - Into The Sun (feat. Martina Topley-Bird) (Florida, 2004)

Radiohead - Meeting In The Aisle (b-side of Karma Police, 1997)

Roy Orbison - Blue Bayou (In Dreams: The Greatest Hits, 1987)

Plone - The Greek Alphabet (For Beginner Piano, 1999)

The Kingsbury Manx - Hawaii In 10 Seconds (The Kingsbury Manx, 2000)

Scott Walker - Angels Of Ashes (Scott 4, 1969)

XTC - Runaways (English Settlement, 1982)

Mary Wells - My Guy (1964)

Brian Eno - Always Returning (Apollo, 1981)

The Beatles - Across The Universe (Let It Be... Naked, 2003)




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Joe Cornish Joe Cornish | 13:15 UK time, Wednesday, 16 June 2010



Hello Blog Botherers,


Joe here. Long time no see! How are you doing? What have you been up to? Really?!?! Why the hell did you do that??? That's insane. Christ.


Adam and I just wanted to let you know that we'll have the privilege of presenting three shows as part of 6 Music's Glastonbury coverage this year. We're both really excited about being on air together again, and can't wait to serve you with top notch music and piping- hot, ill-prepared waffle. In fact, we're already hard at work ill- preparing the waffle mix. And although Adam did spill a lot of it on the carpet, he's managed to scrape most of it up, and we think it's probably still useable.


See you at Glastonbury!




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James Stirling (6 Music) James Stirling (6 Music) | 13:02 UK time, Monday, 14 June 2010

Put another blog on the fire for me. I'll make some breakfast and coffee.

I'm out of the shed! To be honest it was nice being in there for a few days. It gave me a chance to listen to some weird music and dream my dreamy dreams. But today is the beginning of a new week and preparations must begin for next Sunday's show, which as you will have gathered will feature the musical choices and vocal interaction of none other than the tallest member of one of the greatest bands of all time: Matt from Busted. No! It's Ed O'Brien, the Michael Palin of Radiohead. Apart from being a serious threat to Dave Grohl's title as 'the nicest man in rock', Ed is also Radiohead's guitarist, percussionist, vocal harmoniser and all round vibe technician. The band are currently in their Oxford studio working on material for the follow up to 2007's In Rainbows so I'm very grateful that Ed is finding time to be my guest between sessions. We're recording the show this Friday 18th so if you have any questions you'd like me to put to Ed, please get them in as soon as possible before then.

The theme for our tape is Space. All good title ideas welcome!

Cheerythangxsbyeeeee >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>0?



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James Stirling (6 Music) James Stirling (6 Music) | 12:20 UK time, Sunday, 13 June 2010



With Adam locked in his shed at home, there's a last minute change with the renowned film producer, director and entrepreneur Ken Korda (pictured above with Producer James) leading us through a celebration of music and the movies.




David Bowie - Absolute Beginners

Lee Marvin - Wand'rin' Star

Scarlett Johanssen - Falling Down

The Thamesmen - Gimme Some Money

Robert Mitchum - From a Logical Point Of View

Jefferson Airplane - White Rabbit

Coconut Records - Ask Her To Dance

Thomas Dobly - Screen Kiss

The Passions - I'm In Love With A German Film Star

Steve Martin - Wally On The Run

Elvis - Fun In Acapulco

Jim Carey - I Am The Walrus

Sean Connery - In My Life

Nina Simone - I Wish I knew How It Would Feel To Be Free

Mae West - Twist & Shout

Ryuichi Sakamato - Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence

BJ Thomas - Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head

Randy Newman - I Love L.A.

Monty Python - Knights of the Round Table

Belle & Sebastian - Storytelling

Nancy Sinatra - You Only Live Twice

She & Him - If You Can't Sleep

The Muppets - Rainbow Connection




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Adam Buxton Adam Buxton | 10:56 UK time, Tuesday, 8 June 2010

30 Blog Foot Of Grunts,

After days of preparation, which incorporated your excellent questions for Paddy Considine, we heard mere hours before we were due to record the show, that Paddy has been forced to cancel due to unforeseen work commitments. As you can imagine we were very disappointed and I was so furious that I have stormed out of the show.

However there is a silver lining. Ken Korda the writer/director, entrepreneur and Jim Belushi historian has agreed to fill in at very short notice in the role of both presenter and guest.

As Ken is a key figure in the film industry the theme of the show remains unchanged, ie. the link between music and the movies with particular emphasis on actors who have turned their filthy hands to music. Your suggestions so far have been extremely useful but if you would like to add any questions for Ken about his career thusfar or films in general (Ken has worked on nearly every film made in the last 25 years in one way or another), then please so to do! Ken will be recording the show on the morning of Thursday 10th this week.

With any luck I'll be back with an amazing guest the following week. I'm pretty sure I know who it is already (member of a very big band) but after making such a song and dance about Paddy only to have him bail at the eleventh hour, I'm keeping shtum til I'm sure this time...

Oh and by the way, thanks for all your very touching birthday messages. Genuinely made my day!

I love you byeeeeee!!!!!!

Adam §1234567890-=qwertyuiop[]asdfghjkl;'\`zxcvbnm,./



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James Stirling (6 Music) James Stirling (6 Music) | 11:45 UK time, Sunday, 6 June 2010

graham1.JPG Graham Linehan helps compile an Art Pop tape. Graham's school report would state that he excels in the following - as a comedy writer, music and film journalist, Poker fan, video game lover, Twitter behemoth and a keen amateur humanitarian. In the TV sphere he's the creator of the IT Crowd, co creator of Black Books, Big Train and Father Ted and has collaborated winningly with giants of comedy from The Fast Show team and Matt & Dave of Little Britain to Alexei Sayle and Chris Morris and that's just the tip of his magnificent iceberg.




David Bowie - Andy Warhol

Stereolab - Captain Easychord

The Fall - Your Heart Out

Mark E Smith - Harry Hill

Mujeres - L.A.

The XX - Islands

Wire - Dot Dash

Japan - Cantonese Boy

The Buff Medways - Misty Water

Yacht - Psychic City

MGMT - Time to Pretend

Devo - Gut Feeling/Slap Your Mammy

Barnes & Barnes - Fish Heads

Pixies - Cactus

Talking Heads - Found a Job

The Slits - Typical Girls

Fischerspooner - The 15th

Barbara Morgentsern - The Operator

Luxuria - Redneck

Television - Days




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Adam Buxton Adam Buxton | 16:29 UK time, Saturday, 5 June 2010

Selwyn Bloggit!


How are you? I am fine. Saw the Pixies last night so 50% of my hearing has gone and may never return. It wasn't so much Loud Quiet Loud as LOUD! LOUD! LOUD! Amazingly fun though, singing along with every song and seeing them all getting on really well and even recreating the bits of studio dialogue on Surfer Rosa at one stage. A great night.


So anyway, it's that time again and it's a big one this week because we have a bona fide film titan in the form of Paddy Considine as our guest. If you've seen Dead Man's Shoes or A Room For Romeo Brass both directed by his friend, the brilliant Shane Meadows then you'll know that Paddy is a force of nature on screen and is never less than excellent in whatever role he plays. He's also obsessed with American indie kings Guided By Voices and the solo work of lead singer Robert Pollard so I expect he'll be bringing along some good stuff from his GBV locker.


As far as the theme of the tape goes, I'm thinking the music should be film related with particular emphasis on music by actors. Paddy himself has a band (Riding The Low) and having seen them live I can assure you that it's no Russell Crowe/Steven Segal/Bruce Willis cringefest but inevitably any actor who turns their hand to music will be seen as part of that somewhat stinky pantheon. Any suggestions for good or very bad music by actors welcome, and if you think there's a film related song or piece of music we should consider too, let us know. As if all that wasn't enough to be asking you, there is of course the all important tape name to consider. Currently the working title is Act Naturally but I'm sure you chaps can do better than that!


We're recording the show this Tuesday 8th so if you have please questions, suggestions or titles, please submit them below before then.


Many Hanks. Dr Buck. 888888888888888%

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