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The Golden Age of Video

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Amy McGarrigle | 15:21 UK time, Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Growing up without MTV, music videos were largely absent apart from dodgy multi-media CDs, badly streamed web views, or ATL TV/2TV/No Disco on RTE. However, once Youtube arrived (and yes there was a time before youtube... only 5 years ago to be exact!), the DIY music video was truly born.

From then on, you didn't need to have a big label behind you to warrant a music video. Anybody could upload material, prompting low budget visuals for dodgy and great bands alike. Many alternated between unimaginative documentary style videos on the road or in the studio, or badly synced grainy live footage. They still possessed a certain charm, but there wasn't really great artistic substance to them, other than providing a slide show for the song. Some tried to work with a narrative, but they often just looked like cheap school projects shot on their parents' camcorder.

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