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ATL | 17:39 UK time, Monday, 13 December 2010



Following on from last weeks 'Top Albums of 2010'  we at Across The Line are now itching our noggins mooting our favourite singles of the past year. Here are our top 5 picks from the past year, both local and the rest of the world.



Rigsy – ATL Presenter


1. Mark Ronson - Somebody to Love Me


Boy George is just wonderful on this, a beautifully painful, incredibly graceful vocal from a soul star in the making. That walking bassline, the shuffling snare - it just reels you right in. A wee gem.


2. Seven Summits - Burning Heart

3. Arcade Fire - Ready to Start

4. Chase & Status - Blind Faith

5. ASIWYFA - S is for Salamander




Amy McGarrigle – ATL Producer


1) Caribou - Odessa 
This seems a bit lazy as I had 'Swim' as my album of the year, but it truly is an amazing song. And it restored my faith in Caribou taking him in a more beats lead direction. However it has been slightly ruined by a friend claiming the lyrics in the chorus were 'Chicken Steak'. Shame.
2) Everything Everything - My Kz, YR BF  
3) Surfer Blood - Floating Vibes
4) Best Coast - Boyfriend

5) Not Squares - Asylum 




Phily Taggart – ATL Content Assistant


1. Biffy Clyro – Bubbles


Beginning like pretty much any Strokes track from ‘Is This It’ and slowly building into the archetypal Biffy Clyro chorus, this song showcases belterousity. It’s a great pop tune and was designed for the purpose of sweaty men and women in clubs to punch their fists in the air and to chant along with. NB: I do not condone this type of revelry.


2. Caribou – Odessa

3. Janelle Monet – Bog Boi

4. A Plastic Rose - Kids

5. The Drums - Lets Go Surfing




Steven Rainey – ATL Buddy


1. Seven Summits - 'Burning Heart'


Whilst their debut album hinted at greatness, who could have predicted that Seven Summits were ready to unleash a perfectly crafted indie-rock classic like 'Burning Heart'? From it's bass-driven opening, to the moment the swirling hypnotic synth enters the mix, this song had 'classic' written all over it. Add to this the wryly touching lyric from Rory Nellis, and you have easily one of the best songs of 2010, Northern Irish or otherwise.


2. Space Dimension Controller - 'kaleidoscopic Ecstasy'

3. Best Coast - 'Boyfriend'

4. Summer Camp - 'Round the Moon'
5. Neon Indian - 'Deadbeat Summer'





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