Pigstock 2012 - Mojo Fury

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ATL | 14:14 UK time, Monday, 4 June 2012

Mojo Fury


Main stage (11pm) 2nd June

Tweet: Arguably the bravest and most vital set of the day!

What happened:
Bold, ambitious, unpredictable and huge! Fresh from a UK tour, Mojo Fury storm the stage determined not to waste a single second. From the get-go, things are different and urgent. The drums are set up to the extreme left of the stage to make way for their brand new drummer (ex-Brigade skins man) Andrew Kearton. The first half of their set is almost entirely made up of new tracks, some of which are being aired in public for the first time. Opener “Safe in the Arms” starts off with confident Mojo angularity before James’ shimmering guitar line joins the dots and colours it in to reveal one of the most stunning tracks they’ve penned so far. “Grounds” (formerly “I Ain’t Sharin’”) is greeted like an old favourite. We get a handful of tracks from “Visiting Hours of a Travelling Circus” of which “The Colour of the Bear” and “We Should Just Run Away” are the standouts – the latter now a bona fide Northern Irish anthem, before finishing on new song “To Comprehend”. For the encore, they took on “March of the Pigs” by Nine Inch Nails. It was a perfect end to a truly remarkable set.

Yes: Ciaran’s bass detonations on “Grounds” and the spirit of joyous adventure from start to finish!

One of the new songs had a slightly worrying funk element but we’ll keep the jury out until we hear the album version.

Rating: 9/10

Pigstock 2012 - Mmoths

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ATL | 14:05 UK time, Monday, 4 June 2012

Mmoths at Pigstock


Main Stage (10pm) Sat 2nd June

Short but sweet.

What happened: Mmoths (AKA Kildare producer Jack Colleran) was one of the most anticipated acts on tonights bill and with good reason. His prodigious talent was introduced on his breathtaking eponymous debut EP (my vinyl copy is already a treasured possession!) and, on the strength of the new tracks played tonight, it looks as if the next EP will be even more beautiful and more imaginative than the first. So why is it that his set doesn’t completely work for me? For starters, it’s too short – 30 minutes doesn’t really cut it for the penultimate act on the main stage at a festival. The music was stunning from the word go and sounded incredible through the huge festival speakers but the performance lacked something. Maybe it’s the nature of the beast for electronic producers but, in spite of the fact that I watched him firing samples live, it felt like 90% of the set could’ve been simply played out on record. The most interesting live embellishment came half way through “THNX” when he added a cavernous bass kick, offering a tantalising glimpse of where the live set could go in the future.

Yes: The new tracks sounded sensational!

No: Disappointingly short set.

Rating: 7/10

Pigstock 2012 - Lafaro

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ATL | 13:50 UK time, Monday, 4 June 2012

Lafaro Pigstock


Engine Room, 7pm Sat 2nd June


Full Tilt

What happened: It was at Pigstock last year that it was announced that bassist Herb Magee would leave the band. Since then, they’ve released the mesmeric “Easy Meat” album and hired new bassist, Oisin O’Doherty. Tonight, he looks at his most comfortable on stage since he joined, casually singing along one minute, thrashing the bass to within an inch of its life the next. Which is exactly how the band are tonight – they effortlessly deliver what other rock bands strive throughout their entire careers to achieve and never do. White hot, sheet-metal riffs and music that could only come from here but could go anywhere! “Tupenny Nudger” is magnificent, as usual, but no longer feels like the ‘big’ song simply because it’s a set of ‘big’ songs. The tense build-up in “Mr Heskey” goes on too long for my liking but when it releases, it unleashes a frantic circle pit! “The Ballad of Burnt Dave” is beset by blister burns from the PA but still packs a huge emotional punch and “Chopper” threatens to completely wreck the place. Yet another awe-inspiring set!

Pro: Dave’s delight at the circle pit - “It was as if someone from above was stirring a big bowl of people...but you couldn’t see the spoon” and, of course, 11 slabs of life-affirming, death-defying rock n roll!

Con: The snap, crackle and pop of the PA throughout the last 3 songs and the extended build up in Mr Heskey.

Rating: 9/10


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