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ATL | 15:18 UK time, Thursday, 28 October 2010



Here at ATL we are constantly attempting to make sense of this cruel and often bewildering thing called life. In an attempt to prove once and for all that people in bands are as fruity round the brain bits as ourselves, we set up a daring psychological experiment. We ask a series of questions and some of our favourite music makers answer them. Challenging, we know.

Dublin based electro-poppers Le Galaxie play Auntie Annies tomorrow evening (29th October) for Animal Disco. We love them, and therefore they are the very first to hop onto the slab for a closer cranial inspection.


What is your earliest memory?
Being cast In Back To The Future in November 1984. We shot for two weeks until the producers realised that an 2-foot infant who couldn't speak English and needed 18 hours sleep a day was a poor choice to play Marty McFly. The role was re-cast.

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