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Glasgowbury 2010 - What We Have Learned

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ATL | 14:52 UK time, Monday, 26 July 2010

Twenty things we learned from this year's Glasgowbury...

1. Decent weather really does make all the difference. EVERYTHING'S BETTER WHEN YOU DON'T HAVE A COAT.

sign.jpg2. Glasgowbury is single-handedly bringing back the holding up of large signs during gigs. Some of the slogans were vaguely obscene, some referenced bands on the bill, some were just plain bizarre. Our favourite? 'WE PUT THE BRICK ON THE ACCELERATOR.'

3. Celeb-spotting at Glasgowbury is the new celeb-spotting at Oxegen. Aiden Gillen (stuart from Queer as Folk or Tommy from the Wire) was watching Pocket Billiards. And unlike other festivals, the bands actually get out and about to check out the competition. E.G. - Peter Wilson enjoying a Mojito during Cashier No.9.

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Glasgowbury 2010 - Here Come The Landed Gentry

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ATL | 17:12 UK time, Sunday, 25 July 2010

Spurs of Rock, 9pm

Tweet: Oh the clothes, the wonderful clothes.And facial hair.

What Happened:
A bunch of bayou bluesmen must have been re-incarnated here and decided to have some fun. The eccentric fashion sense is just a bonus - Hawaiian shirts, cowboy threads, feathered hats and a Derry City shirt topped off with A Clockwork Orange style bowler for our harmonica-player.

On Top Of The Mountain:'Leadbelly' stripped down to a chant-along before being dragged back for an encore. Before that, 'Dinosaur Blues' and 'Let It Bleed' get a crowd full of people randomly hoe-downing with strangers. Somewhere the devil's Mississippi steam-boat is missing its house band.

Slip, Sliding Down The Slope:
Why do these guys not pack out Belfast venues? Come on people.

Glasgowbury 2010 - Cashier No.9

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ATL | 17:07 UK time, Sunday, 25 July 2010

Small But Massive, 7:15

Tweet: Can I get a price check on this quality item?

What happened:
Band makes some class songs. Builds reputation. Grows. Gets rewarded with big stage. Band then proceeds to prove it wasn't a mistake. We know and love the old songs, and we're already starting to love the new ones.

On Top Of The Mountain:
Songs like '42 West Avenue' have grown as the band have - from lovely little raw ideas in small venues into gorgeously formed multi-layered outdoor experiences with immensely struttable Manc-shuffle-funk.'When Jackie Shone' is a blatant electric hoe-down.

Slip, Sliding Down The Slope:
Why are the band being given the extra-strong beverages and we're not? Equality of booze now!

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