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Rigsy | 17:38 UK time, Monday, 20 July 2009

Just five sleeps to this year's Glasgowbury!

ATL will be all over the annual knees up in the Sperrins, with the usual web coverage and an on-air special of live music next Monday night.

With the stage times now released, Rigsy has compiled ten unmissables...

Small But Massive Main Stage, 12.30pm
ATL declared them 'the best new band in the country' after overplaying the tracks 'Fashionista Art Party' and 'Charm Offensive' of a Monday night. Having since had the pleasure of seeing them live, it was reassuring to confirm they actually have more where that came from. Poppy and jagged in equal measures, they're definitely worth an early start.

G Sessions Stage, 1.10pm
They've been relatively quiet of late and the worry is that people may start to forget they even exist. Given they've only recently hit their stride with a string of promising new recordings, that would be beyond a shame. Time to remind yourself how great they are.

Small But Massive Main Stage, 2.10pm
Since winning ATL Rockschool a good eighteen months ago they've come on a great deal - and they were already great. Pretty epic stuff for so early in the day, but you may be glad of a little substance to get you through the afternoon.

G Sessions Stage, 2.50pm
They look and sound a lot different than they did a couple of years ago - it's a novelty you hope never wears off. The debut album 'Earth and Earthly Things' is one of the most randomly fun collections of music we've heard this year and live it's pretty much the same deal - with added sass.

Small But Massive Main Stage, 3.50pm
While others have gone on tour, got signed and tried to take over the world, The JB's have quietly been plotting a subtle change in direction and preparing for Mk 2. It's here and involves more musicians, a bigger sound and a lot of fresh avenues explored. Expect pleasant surprises.

Spurs of Rock Stage, 5.00pm
The balliest band on the bill, for sure. Big, nasty tunes that'll probably drown out whoever's unfortunate enough to be playing the main stage. Won't be the same without the pole-dancers, though.

Eagle's Rock Acoustic Stage, 5.45pm
Given the connections to the always reliable Delawares, we knew this lot would be great. A recent ATL session, boasting their properly crafted, alt country gems, clarified the aforementioned greatness.

Spurs of Rock Stage, 6.45pm
Whiskey drinking Mexicans performing vaguely intimidating knees ups about rock n' roll excess... what can be bad about that? Well, you may feel a little violated by 7pm...

Eagles of Rock Acoustic Stage, 7.45pm
Weird that this is what Mike from Mojo Fury does in his spare time - slightly sinister Russian folk. The tracks have been splendid, but ATL is yet to witness Clown Parlour live. We hear it involves dressing up, so we're more than a little excited.

Small But Massive Main Stage, 9.45pm
It's pretty inevitable that In Case of Fire, And So I Watch You From Afar and General Fiasco will all slay Glasgowbury in their own unique way. All three have been flat out touring and all three proved their worth at Oxegen last weekend. You'll want to see them all of course, but at the moment we're recommending General Fiasco just a tiny bit more than the others, simply because of how ridiculously assured, tight and downright impressive they've become in the last few weeks. They could well steal the show.

G Sessions Stage, 10.00pm
It's still our only criticism of Glasgowbury, though granted it's quite a big one. Almost 50 acts and, with two exceptions, nothing but rock, indie and singer songwriters. It's a real shame. Northern Ireland's music scene is remarkably, impressively diverse these days and that simply isn't reflected, despite the impressive line up. The Innishowen Gospel Choir and a little rave from Derry's Legendary DJ collective Deep Fried Funk is something a little different to look forward to.

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