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ATL's Track for the Day #412, The Deltahorse

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The Deltahorse – Call It A Day
Wednesday 25th January 2017

They say:

Vadim: Inspired by every day life and people in it. Somewhat of an escape plan. This track is about switching off. It’s about feeling something that is real. Like nature. That’s the closest to real that we can get. Funny thing is, if not for the technology I doubt that this track would have seen the light of day.

Sash: Indeed this song is a triumph of modern technology’s impact on our songwriting. Due to geographical obstacles we can never be altogether in the same place at the same time to work on our music. So the internet and file swapping become out filthy canvas where we throw our dirty layers at.

Dana: ‘Call It A Day’ represents three different inputs of creative expression. With just the language of music and a shared love of raw sound and energy we have jelled as a band. With the combination of bass drums, vocals and saxophone we continue to mine the many hidden quarries of low rock.

We say: In pursuit of reality in the virtual world The Deltahorse have created something that really resonates with us. Despite the context that we all should stop staring at machines so much the song possesses a quite industrial tone throughout. Possibly a comment on how the band work together themselves.

As the track builds the sax brings it to life, sounding not too dissimilar to the kind of brass you’d hear on Bowie’s final album ‘Blackstar’. We find it highly impressive here at team ATL that this music has been created by three men who have never met. We hope that one day Vadim, Sash and Dana do indeed meet.

‘Call It A Day’ and the album ‘Transatlantic’ were released in September 2016 and are available to stream for free here.

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