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ATL Remembers - That Petrol Emotion's 'Big Decision'

Across The Line

'Big Decision' released in 1987, was almost a hit for That Petrol Emotion. It was a song about plastic bullets and political stalemate in Northern Ireland. 
Most of the band were from Derry, but they lived in London.

John and Damian O'Neill had both played in The Undertones, but their follow-up project was, sharp, angular and fiercely alternative. They grooved on hip hop and The Velvet Underground but there was an irrepressible pop dimension also.
In this archive special, we talk to TPE veterans John and Damian O'Neill plus Raymond Gorman. We also revisit a 1986 interview with the band on The Bottom Line, a show that predated ATL.
Package written and presented by Stuart Bailie.

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