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It’s not Chile, it’s not chil la’s Denise Chaila.

Gemma Bradley

Contributor, Across The Line

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Stop what you’re doing right now! Limerick’s Denise Chaila has just been named as winner of Irish Album of the Year at the 2021 RTÉ Choice Music Prize for her incredible debut album ‘Go Bravely’.

The announcement was made by U2’s Adam Clayton live after the judging panel, made up of Irish music media professionals and our very own Gemma Bradley, met up over Zoom to battle it out to decide on the winning album.

This is an incredible achievement for any album let alone a debut! After announcing the release of her new track ‘Water’ with God Knows and Murli; this couldn’t have come at a better time for Denise. When she said "Anseo" she meant it.

Denise receives the prize of a cheque for €10,000 as well as a specially commissioned award. Congratulations Denise! Team ATL couldn’t be happier and we really believe this is the beginning of something special! We can’t wait to see what the future brings you.

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