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ATL Remembers...Hot Press Rock & Pop Awards 1998

Across The Line

It was the night that Bono, Adam Clayton, Morrissey, Sinead O’Connor, Ash, The Divine Comedy, David Holmes, Mani from Primal Scream and Shane MacGowan came to Belfast for an excellent party.David Bowie even joined in via satellite.

The occasion was the annual Hot Press Awards and the date was Thursday, April 9, 1998. As if this wasn’t drama enough, it was also the night that a landmark political settlement was being hammered out, announced the next morning as the Good Friday Agreement.

It was very exciting and full of unexpected turns. Was soccer bad boy George Best going make the flight over? Would Morrissey take a sociable turn? Had anyone remembered to invite Terri Hooley, the erratic boss of Good Vibrations Records? In this fond remembrance, the event’s main architects, Niall Stokes from Hot Press and Mike Edgar, the ATL presenter - turned BBC mogul takes us into the depths of a night when Belfast was the city to beat. With presenter Stu Bailie.

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