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New Tune Disco - 29th June 2015

Across The Line

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Chris Jones called by to talk new music with Rigsy and Stuart including:

Bicep – Just
“It’s their most recent single…on Ausmusic, the title track of an EP -  also it was the last track of their Boiler room set …at the AVA festival…they closed with that track and it was a lovely moment.”
Rigsy: “So two guys from Belfast – a production duo…they also enjoyed a couple of sets at Glastonbury… back to back with Simian Mobile Disco.”

Come On Live Long – Speak Up
“A new single from the band - Robert, Louise, Ken and David from Dublin…been around since 2010…It’s got quite a sort of progressive sound…but there’s quite kind of pop sort of edge to it too and lovely melody, harmonies, nice arrangement - reminds me of Eftertang and Mouse Parade…”

Thee Dirt Byrds – Purple Prince
“Well this is just meaty rock and roll isn’t it? There’s no excuses, no apologies delivered – you keep on thinking they’re going to swear don’t ya? …They like the Clash, they like Link Ray, they like the Cramps - They just absolutely are drinking from the pure filthy water of rock and roll – so it’s great…This is just timelessly great.”

Vorlis – Onslaught
Chris: “
Yeah I’m really really impressed with this track – Vorlis is a producer of techno…from Belfast...Yeah really really well produced sort of warehouse techo – you could hear this go off in a dark sweaty club in Berlin…He records everything on analogue equipment, no computers and just does it in one take – all single takes, mistakes and no going back.”
Rigsy: “It’s raw and real.”

Screaming Eagles – Save Me
“Chris, Adrian, Ryan and Kyle are Screaming Eagles …This track ‘Save Me’ is ahead of their second record ‘Stand Up And Be Counted’...they’ve been making waves across Europe and America…so kind of traditional straight up rock and roll outfit – and that is what the Screaming Eagles do best – but this is our favourite thing by them to date.”

Decoy Octo – The Sky
Chris: “
It’s a guy called Decky who is from Belfast and he has been producing for a little while – it sort of reminds me of things like Hudson Mohawk and Rusty – it’s got that real sort of maximalist colourful sort of synthesisers, sort of hyperactive chopped up vocals…there’s something I really, really like about that – it’s quite infectious.”

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