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ATL's Track for the Day #450, Gross Net

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Gross Net – Violence & Still Life
Wednesday 29th March, 2017

They say:
“Violence: The first ever Gross Net track written, still cropping up in performances 3 years later. Vaguely about Catholic guilt and sex as an act of Violence.

Still Life: That sequenced Korg MS20 is still music to my ears! This one is a bit Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft or Liaisons Dangereuse I guess.

Lyrical themes of boredom, anxiety and being treated as scum for being on the dole (thankfully i've not needed the bi-monthly misery for some years), while the question is posed ad nauseam "Is this still living?" Sounds a bit different with guitar over it.”

We say: “Philip Quinn’s brand of industrial dark wave has always been something we’ve enjoyed at team ATL but witnessing it being brought to life on Monday night was something else.

The fast paced rhythm and swirling guitar of ‘Violence’ is fantastically unrelenting and the synth in ‘Still Life’ brings forth this feeling of disquiet as the song makes its way to a brilliant, uneasy, cacophonous climax before taking us home with our hairs standing on end.”

‘Violence’ & ‘Still Life’ were recorded in studio 5 in BBC Broadcasting House on Monday 27th March. They feature on Gross Net’s album ‘Quantitative Easing’ which was released on Touch Sensitive records and is available now.

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