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New Tune Disco - 3rd August 2015

Across The Line

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This week Chris Jones joined Rigsy and Stuart to talk new music including:

All Tvvins – Too Young To Live
“It’s really interesting to have followed these guys…Conor from Cast of Cheers and Lars from Adebesi Shank who used to make really kind of gnarly DIY punk music I suppose – and now they’re making this really shiny widescreen eighties...pop – doing it well too.”

Dead Errands – Hideout
Chris: “
These guys are from Fermanagh…I think they literally just formed this summer…I’ve been really really impressed with this…They remind you of Steven Malkmuz…The Strokes as well - they’ve got that kind of slacker attitude – file alongside Hot Cops I would say -  maybe there is some kind of college rock revival going on.”

CRX091081GB / Becoming The Camracid - Non Aligned Church
: “Robin Price is at SARC in Belfast…pastoral acid ambient…it’s nice, it’s got texture, it’s a wee bit bold.”

The Divine Comedy – Charmed Life
“It’s just been announced that Neil Hannon AKA The Divine Comedy is going to be given the Oh Yeah Legends Award in November this year (2015) in a ceremony at the Mandela Hall – same ceremony where the Northern Ireland Music Prize will be presented – so yeah I just thought it would be appropriate to mark it, since he is indeed a legend of Northern Irish music, which is what we’re here to celebrate.”

I am Niamh – Hang On
“This is Niamh Parkinson who goes under the name ‘I am Niamh’ – she’s from Dublin. This track ‘Hang On’ is from her debut album Wonderland…it’s almost house – the tempo of it and the rhythms … it’s really nice stuff…and there’s good vocals on it too.”

Silences & Jealous of the Birds – Heart of Glass
“Two very gentle acts we love dearly working together and this is free to download...and I think that’s a really really fun version as well. Silences currently working on their third EP ‘There’s a Wolf’ expected later this year and playing the Body & Soul Arena at Electric Picnic on the main stage.”

FlowerMouth – Reykjavik
“Yeah really really impressed with this. It’s a guy called Jacob Keenan-Livingstone…Really really well produced. There’s a whole lot of different influences going on therE...It’s so rhythmically intense basically...really kind of bright timbre to it - I think it’s great.”

Josh the Human – Hello To The Sun
“Formed last year currently…earning their stripes and this is their debut single ‘Hello To The Sun’ and for a band just kind of starting out, I think this is really super impressive.”


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