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During lockdown, it’s ok to feel disconnected from daily life, as we all adjust to our new normal. Whatever that means for you, we’re all trying to manage it in our own way, as best we can.

There’s amazing stuff happening every day, from livestreams to fundraisers but NI Unplugged has spent the last four weeks, creating a new self titled digital album featuring acoustic tracks from over 50 musicians across NI. The album will be available on Bandcamp, Friday 15th May, with all money raised going to Help Musicians NI.

All the tracks were recorded at home (where else?) and mastered by Rocky O’Reilly of Start Together Studio, Belfast.

Hear from All The Few, Brand New Friend, Colour Arcadia, Buí, Mob Wife, Strange New Places, Beauty Sleep and many more, it’s an epic compilation of NI Music.

Check out all the deets here. 

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