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New Tune Disco - 16th February 2015

Across The Line

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Steven Rainey joined Rigsy to talk about some of their favourite releases in New Tune Disco on 16th February 2015.

Duke Special – Nail On the Head

Steven: “I’ve always been a fan of what he does…I just think he’s an incredibly inventive songwriter. You know when you’re listening to one of his songs there’s nothing throw away about it. He’s worked and laboured on every note, on every word and it just sounds perfect.”

Rigsy: “The reason why I like this track and ‘Elephant Graveyard’ is that they’re kind of actual big, proper songs that are coming out on a big, proper Duke Special record.”

The Soft Look – Beautiful

Steven: “There’s something so confident about the sound of this, that you sort of want to bathe in it.”

Dsgrace – Holografix

Rigsy: “Really, really interesting stuff…right up my street.”

Steven: “I actually love the production on this…it’s actually quite psychedelic sounding. There’s a narrative going on there as well which you just want to sit down and absorb.”

Rory Nellis – Opposite Side

Steven: “It is different sounding and everything he’s done so far has been good… I think you’re onto a guaranteed winner.”

Damien J Brennan – Blood and Roses

Steven: “There’s a stomping beat to this, I’m a sucker for that kind of thing in the song…gives it kind of tension, gives it kind of menace, gives it drama. It’s got that country stomp but it’s got a bit of bite to it.”

The Flaws – That’s What You Get

Steven: “The moment I heard this I didn’t really like it but it grows and grows and grows and it’s the melodies on the guitars…the singing is great on it as well and in the right hands this could really find a big audience for them.”

Chris Keys – I’ll Be Home

Steven: “Such a beautiful singing voice, such a brilliant way with words, a brilliant way with arrangements, with melodies. It kind of reminds me of Mark Kozelek from The Red House Painters that kind of indie singer-songwriter but not indie music either…it’s hard to pin down.”

Cut In Blinks – Substance

Steven: “It’s got that kind of real paranoid feel to it…it’s not entirely comfortable listening but something about it that gets under your skin…this is very intriguing and I want to hear more.”

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