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Orbital And The ‘Belfast’ Story

Across The Line

In December 1989, two bothers from Kent put out a beautiful piece of music called ‘Chime’. It was the debut release from Orbital and many people adored it. In Belfast, this music was also the soundtrack to glorious scenes. Therefore upcoming DJ and promoter David Holmes booked Orbital for the Art College, Belfast, 12 May, 1990. Despite Orbital’s fears about the city’s reputation during the conflict, it was a phenomenal night and the grateful Hartnoll brothers left behind a demo cassette with another magnificent tune. Eventually, this would see a public release as ‘Belfast’, a homage to the bliss and the blossoming dance community that the act had discovered on their visit. In this ATL documentary, we speak to Orbital’s Paul Hartnoll, David Holmes and promoter Alan Simms about the creation of this joyous classic.

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