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ATL Remembers... Agnelli & Nelson's 'El Niño'

Across The Line

Agnelli & Nelson sounds like the most glamorous European dance combo when in fact it was Chris Agnew from Carrick and Robbie Nelson from Larne, Northern Ireland.

Nevertheless they provided one of the greatest Ibiza anthems in 1998 with 'El Niño', combining melody, verve and the sheer exuberance of trance music to wow the multitudes. Success was instantaneous, prompted by a Pete Tong play on Radio 1 on 10 April 1998.

It was the day of the Good Friday Agreement at Stormont Castle and it also marked also the birth of Robbie Nelson's daughter. Lives were changed, the video shoot in Cuba was imminent and the career trajectory was vertical. Inevitably, it crashed, but in this ATL special, Stuart Bailie talks to Chris and Robbie and gains some perspective from former ATL dance show presenter, Paul Hamill.

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