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New Tune Disco - 27th July 2015

Across The Line

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This week, Niall Byrne joined Rigsy and Stu in the ATL studio to discuss some new music


Sh*t Robot – Feels Real
Niall: “He’s Marcus Lambkin, and he’s from Dublin. Probably known mostly for being signed to DFA Records and having played LCD Soundsystem’s last ever gig at Madison Square Garden. Certainly in the last few years he’s released some killer tracks.”

Meltybrains? – The Vine
Niall:You probably haven’t heard Meltybrains sound like this before! They generally make quite avant-garde, post-rock or experimental music…they’re quite hard to pin down. That’s Meltybrains for you; that’s what they’re like.”

Bry – Your Life Over Mine
Stu:“He’s on the main stage at Electric Picnic so I think the profile of Bry will continue to rise this year.”

The Redneck Manifesto – Dillon Family Dancers
Niall: “As far as I was aware, there wasn’t going to be anymore The Redneck Manifesto. They released about four albums I think, all this kind of instrumental post-rock…it’s very sharp, very interesting. So they posted up on Facebook and Twitter saying that they’re going to be doing some (new) stuff soon.”

I Have A Tribe – Scandinavia
Niall: “This is Patrick O’Leary. He had an EP out last year and this is the first track off the follow up.  I think it’s quite telling actually that this song was recorded with Conor O’Brien from Villagers…there’s definitely a similar poetic license to what he’s doing in this song.”
Stu: “I think it’s stunning. I love it; I love the mood of it.”

Idle Hands – Bulletproof Youth
Stu: “It’s Caolan Dentith and he’s from Derry. All the tracks on his EP have interesting little signatures on them, so let’s follow his trail with interest.”

Rejjie Snow – All Around The World
Niall: “He’s had a lot of notice, and he’s done really well in the last year or two.”

Rews – Can You Feel It?
Rigsy: “You may recognise the voice of Shauna Tohill of Silhouette…this is her new project.“






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