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ATL's Track for the Day #432, Floating Ballroom

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Floating Ballroom - Creators

Monday 27th February, 2017

They say:
“'Creators' actually took over a year to finally see released. I wanted to keep the track simple, but also create a complexity through the use of different vocal layers. It's a track that gradually builds for its entire duration.

'Creators' is a song which deals with a theme of loss. Loss is an inevitable part of life and we all have dealt with loss in some form. 'Creators' is about this journey of moving forward. I didn’t want to use lyrics but rely more on the sounds within the track to tell this story.”

We say: “A sense of kineticism purveys ‘Creators’. Its bedrock of found sounds are reminiscent of a wooden galleon, creaking and listing on a sea of vocal samples and gentle percussion. As synths are brought into the mix, they swell and the journey progresses.

Economic yet emotive in execution, this track sees Floating Ballroom in contemplative reflection. However the Tipperary artist engages listeners too, taking them along for the ride.”

‘Creators’ is available to listen to for free along with it’s accompanying music video right now via Floating Ballroom’s official facebook.

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