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ATL's Track for the Day #510, Brona McVittie

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Brona McVittie - Under The Pines
Friday 7th July, 2017

They say: 
"I recently returned to living in my native County Down after many years in London and have found myself beside ocean, forest and the Mourne mountains. 

The stark contrast between the urban chaos of London and the pastoral beauty of County Down has been rich inspiration for my new compositions, and Under The Pines arose spontaneously after a jaunt in the forest.

One day while out running my usual circuit I stopped at the kennels on the edge of the pine forest to catch my breath. 

As I listened to the dogs barking I noticed they were replying to their own echoes; the build up and reverberation of sound off the trees seemed almost supernatural, and on the way home I began humming Under the Pines."

We say:  "Nature reverberates wonderfully in an alchemy of traditional and contemporary instrumentation, making for an exquisite listen from this post-folk electronic chanteuse."

'Under The Pines' is the first single from Brona McVittie's forthcoming album, 'We Are The Wildlife'.

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