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Dance Like No-One's Watching

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There it is: That Moment - the moment you realise it’s truly summer. You’re in the middle of a field at the festival you bought tickets for a year ago, and have been looking forward to since. You’ve finally been able to shake the hassles away, and you’re just beginning to enjoy yourself…truly enjoy yourself for the first time in what seems like forever.

The rhythm of ‘Be There for You’ starts with the energy you feel amongst a field of strangers, clapping to the same beat. Suddenly the movement of the crowd takes over, as the energy moves from your hands to your shoulders, and finally your feet. Before long the mass moves with the pulse of summer sunshine pop, and you feel your feet almost sink in the squelchy muddy bass that lays the foundation of this hit. You take a moment half-way through to notice the sun setting, and suddenly you’re dancing like no-ones’ watching.

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