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ATL's Track for the Day #413, The Mad Dalton

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The Mad Dalton – Oh Marseille
Thursday 26th January, 2017

They say: “The words to what eventually became the song “Oh Marseille" came to me following a trip to France shortly after the Bataclan attacks. I was a guest artist at the former home of the teenage poet Rimbaud in the town of Charleville near Belgium. I also visited Paris and was moved by the fresh black earth on the grave of a 19yr old terror victim near Jim Morrison’s resting place.  On my return, more than 40 verses began to appear, as did the melody, seemingly writing themselves. 

When the song felt “ready", it was recorded live off the floor at Millbank Studios with James Lyttle producing. I rehearsed with Zara Fleming on cello and felt it brought depth and elegance to an otherwise sparse sound. Adding the pawnshop accordion gave it the continental vibe that seemed appropriate.

With recent events, there's been a feeling of anger, melancholy, despair and a real sense that change and a pervading gloom for humanity is looming or already upon us. As a pacifist, in finalising the verses, I wanted to somehow acknowledge the change, the sense of loss and outrage without appearing to simply roll over

...but also to convey that whilst there may be conflict, there can also be hope and that as we move with the times, the wine can flow peacefully…”

We say: “Uplifting and lion-hearted in equal measure, ‘Oh Marseille’ is a song full of hope for the future. The Mad Dalton speaks from the heart in this inspiring ballad. Combining guitar, strings and accordion ‘Oh Marseille’ stands out there on it’s own as a unique composition full of passion looking forward to a new day.”

‘Oh Marseille’ was independently released on January 21st and is from The Mad Dalton’s forthcoming LP due for release in September.

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