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ATL's Track for the Day #225

Across The Line

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New Monster Club – Lemonade
Thursday 17th December 2015

They say: "Lemonade is a rumination on where songs come from and why some people - like me - feel the urge to spend a lot of their time filling silence with music (spoiler alert: because it's fun). There's also some gibing at the idea that some songwriters would consider themselves to be musical vessels, channelling God's solo material - sounds a bit haughty to me. I can't draw, and I can't remember the last time that I drew anything, but I decided that the video should be an overly literal interpretation of otherwise abstract lyrics. And I think that was my idea of a Kim Deal bassline, holding all of that other stuff together.” Bobby

We say: "Reliable purveyors of fun times, No Monster Club make music for smiles. ‘Lemonade’ is just the right amount of wonky and lo-fi, faintly silly and undeniably joyous.”

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