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Review: Lavengro 'Get Out'

Taylor Johnson

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Donald Trump. Kanye. Elon Musk. Those four lads from the meme.

No it’s not the 2024 US Presidential nominees, but just some of the celebrities photoshopped into Derry pop band Lavengro’s clever new music video for their track ‘Get Out’.

It may well be the funniest Zoom call you’ve had since the ongoing pandemic/apocalypse, as celebrities far and wide come together to belt out every word of Lavengro’s brand new single. Sort of...

‘Get Out’ is a sharp, charming pop song, dripping in harmonies and primed for sing along moments. Their infectious, uplifting song writing arrives just in time for much needed spring optimism. No dramatic reinvention by any means, but nor is that the point. The point is to run into your garden, feel the heat on your face and dance in the face of a year long lockdown. Freedom is coming, Lavengro can hear it!

Keep the sunshine coming boys, and bring Adam Sandler, Britney and the lads along for the ride too.

Watch the video here. 


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