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ATL's Track for the Day #414, Our Krypton Son (LIVE SESSION)

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Our Krypton Son - Fool For Love / Can't Make You Come Back (SESSION)
Friday 27th January, 2017

They say: “I wrote Fool For Love quite quickly along with several others. At the time, I'd had a sort of writer's block (for months!) - or rather, I had lots of ideas in my head but just couldn't seem to physically write them. So I had planned to rent a little house in Donegal somewhere to get away from work, responsibilities, distractions etc and get my act together. In the end up, I found a knackered, abandoned old house that I could access for nowt and pitched a tent inside armed only with my seven year old daughters's nylon strung, smaller-than-normal acoustic guitar. I did this for three days. This song sprung from that session.

There are no overt musical influences in the track as such though I'd already had the Fool For Love title in mind. There was a morning some months previous where I was lying about with a hangover and I put a film on. The film was Robert Altman's Fool For Love and something during the title sequence - the country pop theme tune perhaps, an awareness of the film's unfolding doomladen narrative - struck a wonky chord (An A7) with me. I made a mental note to revisit the idea at some point. Which I did, freezing like a fool in a tent, in the middle of nowhere, many months later.

Can't Make You Come Back is an instance where I tried to harness some sort of genuine emotion of mine and make a song of it. It wrote itself in about 10 minutes - though its pretty short and says all it needs to. Sometimes if you can tap into something like that, the song just appears. Which is great! Other times, it ain't so easy and you spend months slamming your face into the business end of a piano.

The opening chord sequence is one I had stumbled upon months before. I quickly recorded it on the sound recorder of my phone and filed it away in the bap for posterity. I won't let any germ of an idea - be it a melody, an interesting couple of chords, a title, a lyric - disappear. I've written songs using melodies lying around the ether for literally years. As to influences, there is isn't anything too deliberate though I reckon the songs and general vibe on Nick Cave's The Boatman's Call are probably spiritual antecedents. At the time, I'd heard SOAK cover Bon Iver cover somebody else. I don't quite remember the song unfortunately, but its simplicity left an impression on me and I had a notion that certain universal emotions or statements, if expressed simply enough in song and guided carefully with no affectation, could *maybe* sidestep cliche. But who knows?”

We say: “What a treat it was to hear Chris McConaghy's baritone voice completely filling the intimate space here in the Across The Line studio.

The tender finger-picking of Fool For Love and the simple chord progressions of Can't Make You Come Back are the perfect counterpoint to the vocals, economic and measured in response to Chris' expressive, well-worn melodies. We can't wait to hear more on the upcoming album.”

Our Krypton Son is a project by musician Chris McConaghy, and his latest album, 'Fleas & Diamonds' is set for release on 10th March, 2017. 

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