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ATL Remembers... Mercury Rev at The Limelight

'Deserter's Songs', the 1998 album by Mercury Rev, is still the gold standard for music that's tattered and royally weird, streaked with great talent, soul and a deal of mysticism.

The US band started their European tour duties for the record with a date in Belfast in the Autumn and by the time they returned to the city's Limelight venue in June 1999, every music head was present and ecstatic.

This ATL feature remembers the impact of the record, the rising tide of excitement and the band's semi-bewildered response. With live recordings from the night, archive contributions from Mercury Rev's Grasshopper and new interviews with presenter Colin Murray, former ATL presenter Mike Edgar and Charlotte Dryden from the Oh Yeah Music Centre.

Narrated by Stuart Bailie and produced by Jimmy Devlin.

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