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ATL's Track for the Day #343, The Holy Innocents

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As it is summer, Track for the Day has packed its bags and gone to the beach. But as a holiday treat here is one last Track for the Day.


The Holy Innocents - Hollow Falls
Tuesday 5th July, 2016

They Say: “Prior to recording the album, I stumbled upon some old demos, one of them being a song with a working title of Country Boogie. I spent a little while rewriting then home demoing the revisions to see if there was anything there and thankfully there was.

The reason for the harmonica, banjo, slide guitar and backing vocals was to add to the sense of mystery and give the song some emotional heft... hopefully we achieved it.”

We Say: “A laid-back and melancholic slice of country-tinged indie, the rich instrumentation and longing vocals on ‘Hollow Falls’ paint a picture of lonesome wanderers, cool desert nights and heartache. While remaining a vocally and lyrically driven track, the harmonica and slightly eerie slide guitar are given plenty of room to breathe - it’s all the better for it.”

'Hollow Falls' is the new single from Ballymena band, The Holy Innocents, and it's available now.  


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