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Chattering Classes #43 - Iain Archer

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ATL | 14:55 UK time, Thursday, 21 April 2011


For this week's online chat - well it was about time we caught up with Mr. Iain Archer. Since he's last been on ATL, he's made a record with Gary Lightbody and Peter Buck and started work on his new solo record. Then there's the small matter of a gig at The Black Box this Sunday. So plenty to chat about!

What we didn't expect was to hear about his collaboration with a genuine popstar and some dubstep legends....

(Please note - spelling/grammar are authors own - chat is simply copied and pasted.....)


Rigsy says: good afternoon sir. i just got my hair cut, i wish you could see it

Iain says: how did ya fair - were they kind?

Rigsy says: well, it takes a couple of days for it to kinda settle in.

it's a bit 'LOOK AT MY SHORT HAIR' at the moment


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Chattering Classes #42 - Paul Shevlin

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ATL | 16:22 UK time, Thursday, 14 April 2011



This time around, it's time to chat to Paul Shevlin. Makes sense, what with ATL hammering his new single 'Backfire', even opening the show with it a couple of weeks back! Even though Paul didn't bother getting out of bed to chat with our Rigsy, he did win us over by turning down the opportunity to star in Eastenders or a film alongside Robert De Niro.....


*Mistakes are authors own - online chat simply copied and pasted for your pleasure!


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Chattering Classes #42 - Yes Cadets

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ATL | 15:15 UK time, Wednesday, 6 April 2011



For this week's online chat, our Rigsy got straight to business with Alan Haslam from Yes Cadets. After multiple plays and big love from ATL a year and a bit ago, things seemed to go quiet, so we needed to know just what the band had been up to, where they've been playing and how they've ended up having a track remixed by Fyfe from Guillemots.....

*As always, spelling and grammar errors are author's own, chat simply copied and pasted directly!


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