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Belsonic 2010 - David Guetta

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ATL | 14:03 UK time, Tuesday, 31 August 2010

guetta2.jpgDescribe in a tweet: OMG the crazy French man has arrived, David Guetta is in the 'House'.

What happened: David Guetta's entrance on stage was anything but low key. Dwarfed by a colossal video screen, Guetta's opening visuals read 'Ireland, are you ready?' Armed with his impressive repertoire of hits, he announced that "The party had arrived", cuing his current hit 'Getting Over You'.

This was the energy Custom House Square lacked, and the intro was followed by 2 hours of continuous crowd pleasing party music. Not only did Guetta dish out his own heavy bassline anthems, he also dropped Justice's 'We Are Your Friends', Dead Prez's 'Hip Hop' and his own edit of Snap's 'Rhythm is a Dancer', just for good measure. He was brilliantly received and displayed immense charisma for a man who is constantly travelling and who has clocked up more air miles than a lost Ryanair flight.

One Love: Guetta treating lovely Belsonic to an extended 2 hour set.

One Hate: Not getting to see the onstage robots that Guetta brought along to Oxegen.

Belsonic rating: 9.5/10

Belsonic 2010 - The Japanese Popstars

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ATL | 13:55 UK time, Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Describe in a tweet: A hamster is trapped inside The Japanese Popstars CD deck.

What happened: There's still a fair amount of daylight in a rammed Custom House Square at 8pm as local legends Japanese Popstars kick off their set with new track, 'Destroy'. It's a minimal start to a progressive performance - no fancy visuals, or on stage production, just a small rectangular LED screen propped on top of the turntables brandishing 'The Japanese Popstars' name, and a collection of high octane tracks . Amongst those was Green Velvet's 'Let go' and 'Rise of the Ulysses'.

The energy and atmosphere onstage amongst the crowd is immense, with hands in the air and stray bog roll flying through the sky. Onstage, the keyboard player busts some serious dance moves, and at one point threatens to smash his Roland following the aftermath of 'Rise of the Ulysses.' Crowd appreciation is at a high, as the 'Japstars' exchange wry smiles following the build up of a breakdown. Blistering through the stacked speakers lining each side of the stage, the live performance was deafening but incredibly pleasurable.

Far Out From The Far East: Seeing Manchester United's Jonny Evans walk past during the 'Japstars' performance.

Not Far Out Enough:The repetitive terrace chanting from the crowd. 

Belsonic rating: 8/10

Belsonic 2010 - Fake Blood

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ATL | 13:42 UK time, Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Describe in a tweet: High expectations, resulting in an 'ok' performance. Was he missing a piece of his jigsaw?

What happened: In an uncharacteristic display from a man with some monstrously heavy productions to his name, the opening track by Fake Blood floats by on an unexpectedly minimal beat, leading into a basic first half that had people dancing, but not fully fired up. Despite playing 'Stuck on Repeat' and 'I think I like it', Fake Blood left out the likes of 'Mars', 'The Dozen' and 'Fix Your Accent', putting a big grey cloud over the performance.

I Think I Like It: Lapping up my favourite Fake Blood record 'I think I like it'.

I Don't Think I Like it: The misery of not getting to enjoy Fake Blood's other records.

Belsonic rating: 6/10

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