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The Making Of... Wyldling

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ATL | 10:37 UK time, Thursday, 22 November 2012


Derry band Wyldling


With a new video for their track 'Siren' having just hit the interwebs, we thought it would be perfect timing to catch up with Derry four-piece electro-rock outfit Wylding to discover all kinds of factoids about the band in this week's edition of The Making Of: 

(Glenn Rosborough) The first record i bought was Lenny Kravitz 'Greatest Hits'.

(David Kirby) The last record I bought was 'Epicloud' by the Devin Townsend Project. The guy's a genius!

(Phil Curran) The one gig that made me want to be in a band was Such As in the Nucleus.


(Jilly St John) One musician that inspired me to start performing? Gawd there have been so many over the years, bearing in mind I witnessed the 80's. I love watching live shows in general especially Prince, Queen, Black Sabbath, Nirvana to name a couple, but I have to say I've always been drawn to strong female figures from a young age. Artists like Kate Bush, Patti Smith, Blondie, Madonna, and in my late teens No Doubt, Juliette Lewis. My list is endless. Performance has always just been there since I could walk and string a sentence together. 

(Band as a Whole) The last band we all watched together was the freakin' fantastic collective that is Pocket Billiards in the Playhouse, Portrush. Those guys are soo much fun! We ska'd til we couldn't anymore!! 

(JSJ) Albums that influenced our recent material? Again a plethora for me, Everything to date has been influenced by bits of everything I like, I might hear a sound in one song or a particular rhythm of syllables I like in another. At the moment it's very much been QOTSA 'Lullabies To Paralyze', NewYoung Pony Club 'The Optimist'Juliette & The Licks 'Four On The Floor'Sleighbells in general, The Dead Weather "Whorehound", I could go on!

(GR)Prince, everything from "Controversy" to the symbol album; Be Your Own Pet "Adventure";KOAN Sound "The Adventures Of Mr Fox". 

(Band as a Whole) We consistently bond over Phil Collins and his epic greatest hits! Kirby's Dad always kindly leaves it in the CD player in the car when we're gigging! Nothing bonds a band more than air-drumming and 80's fist explosions ;)

(GR) We'd happily to share a stage every night with Mojo Gogo, they paid us in booze for a gig one night, automatic legend status. Mental Deficency as well, there's a real sense of care and attention to their more personal songs that shines through the already awesome stage show, they remind me of Warren Zevon. Plus Robocop's a boss. 

(PC) Little Bear or John Deery And The Heads

(DK) Little Bear, all day every day. I could listen to those lads forever, every time I play with them I get just get blown away by the sheer musicality of them all.

(JSJ) The boys have it covered with many of the acts I enjoy at the minute in NI for sure and I'd be more than happy to share the stage with them all, so I'll add Dying Breed to that list. Those guys blow me away with their energy and musicality and they are soo lovely too. Oh and definitely Mental Deficiency. I'd say that'd be interesting times filled with lulz! There's so much talent on our scene currently, I'd love to gig with all of them!

(GR) If we could have anyone join our band it would be Lang Lang, probably the most famous and best pianist of our time. If we were ever to get someone in on keys, and we could literally pick anyone, you may as well go for the top, though 'Siren' would be a bit of a step down from Bach for him!

(DK) The sax player from George Michael's 'Careless Whisper', have him throw sax solo's everywhere letting everyone know who's boss!

(JSJ) Well personally I'd love to share the stage with Prince or Gwen, but I quite like our lil foursome, would be weird if someone else joined full time. Besides these three lads are more than a handful for me already! lol 

(Band as a Whole) The first cover version we performed was 'Secret' by Missy Higgins and the last was 'Video Games' byLana Del Rey at an acoustic night. 

(JSJ) A guilty pleasure? Hmm, not sure many will be surprised but I just adore the Gaga

(DK) Katy Perry, but only her album under her real name 'Katy Hudson' its mega funky. Brass sections and piano's everywhere. How she went wrong now I don't know. 

You can check out the video for Wyldling's new track 'Siren' below:




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