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The Making Of... Our Krypton Son

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ATL | 10:43 UK time, Wednesday, 14 November 2012


Having signed to the ever-helpful Smalltown America, Our Krypton Son has finally been able to unleash his debut album. We say his, as OKS is essentially a vehicle for Chris McConaghy, former guitarist with Derry garage-pop loons Red Organ Serpent Sound. But far from wasting time licking his wounds after the bands deal with Mercury didn't lead to the type of success that seemed inevitable back in 2004, Chris is making the type of music he loves, on his own terms. Any listeners reap the rewards. But which bands and artistes can claim responsibility for the type of music Chris finds himself making? Lets discuss The Making Of....Our Krypton Son


The first record I ever bought was, embarassingly, 'America's Least Wanted' by Ugly Kid Joe. I bought it on cassette in 'Soundsaround' that used to be in Derry. Nightmare. I was only 12 or so though. 

The last record I bought was The Strangler's 'Rattus Norvegicus' on vinyl at a record fair for about 3 quid. Marvellous too, it is.

I didn't really start going to good gigs till I was already in a band. I do remember seeing Gomez in the Nerve Centre in Derry circa 1998 and being bowled over. It was back when they were decent and they'd just won the Mercury award. 

This is a random one but Neil Peart from Rush inspired me to want to be in a band. I wanted to be a drummer when I was 13 more than anything else in the world. Then I wised up and got a guitar.

The last gig my band and I watched together was one in which we were playing at - Myles Manley & The Little People in Sandino's in Derry. Great stuff. 'Easy To Love' is a classic in waiting.

The last album we listened to together was 'After Murder Park' by The Auteurs. Mainly because we were heading to Belfast for a gig. I was driving, we were in my car, the band they had no choice in the matter.

Everyone in Our Krypton Son is into quite different stuff. One band we all do tend to enjoy though is Wilco. Another, closer to home, is the fabulous O Emperor. Gigged with them recently. They were terrific.

Little Bear are always a pleasure to play with. As are The Wood Burning Savages. Haven't gigged yet with Strength but that'd be a good gig too.

If I could have anyone join the band it'd be Mike Love. Just so we could take him on tour then fire him.

The first cover version we tried was 'The Queen Is Dead' by The Smiths. We'd been asked to play at an Anti-Jubilee gig and fancied a crack at it.

The last cover version we tried was 'The Queen Is Dead' by The Smiths. The gig never happened and our dubious rendition of the Morrissey/Marr classic remains unheard...

We all like different stuff. My guilty pleasure is probably Canadian prog ledgebags Rush. You'd be hard pressed to discern their influence on anything I'll ever do, but I just love 'em.


The debut album from Our Krypton Son is out now on Smalltown America. You can listen to it via soundcloud here.



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