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The Making of...Kab Driver

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ATL | 09:58 UK time, Thursday, 13 September 2012


Kab Driver


About time this series investigated 'The Making Of' a creative, forward thinking electronic artiste, of which there are several in Northern Ireland. David Baxter is responsible for a notable few - namely Filaria and Kinnego Flux (with Brian Greene). But he speaks to ATL under the alias Kab Driver, to celebrate the release of a debut album on the Lyon based Airflex Labs imprint. Also worth noting he's partially responsible for Reset, one of the most experimental music night's in Belfast town!


The first record I bought was Twisted Sister 'Come Out and Play', aged 4 or 5, recommended from my elder bro. The Prodigy -  'Fat of the Land' was probably my first proper record.

The last records I bought were: Throwing Snow - 'Clamour' EP (vinyl), Amalia - 'Art Slave' (CD), Traxman - 'The Mind of Traxman' (digital).

The one gig that made me want to make music in the first place was probably The Rephlex party at Temple Bar in 2001, it was my first rave and I had to use a fake ID. Aphex, Ovuca, Bogdan Raczynski & Grant. Non stop raving to great music until 4am, amazing.

A big moment for me wanting to become a performer was when Barry Lynn (Boxcutter) and myself went to watch Squarepusher on the Thames just before he dropped Ultravisitor and he was playing live six string bass. I've never seen anyone play with such virtuosity, unbelievable skill and technique. Jamie Lidell's live improvisation looping had a big effect too.

The last show I went to with a musician I've collaborated with was the Rudimentary party on the Lagan with Brian Greene. A good set from Sina and a really cool live drum kit set from Shigeto off Ghostly International.

Jimmy Edgar - 'XXX' off !K7 and Oriol - 'Night & Day' off Planet-Mu were big influences on my new album.

One act I've consistantly bonded over with other musicians....probably Marvin Gaye.

If I had to pick a local act to share a stage with every night for the rest of my life I'd go for my Reset bros - Defcon, Brian & Kaidi Tatham.

If I could have anyone join my band it would be Herbie Hancock.

The first remix/mashup I did was Vanilla Ice - Ice Ice baby, and then No Limits by 2 Unlimited. More recently - we did a questionable cover of Maybe Your Baby by Stevie Wonder at one of the last Reset gigs.

Guilty pleasures? I probably still like the first album from Korn, but never liked anything after that!


The self titled debut album from Kab Driver is out now. You can hear a feature on Kab Driver on this Monday's Across the Line!


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