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That New Band Smell - Silhouette Summer

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ATL | 15:04 UK time, Wednesday, 8 February 2012


Good day to you, keen explorers of sound. It's Phily Taggart here, armed with a bodacious bunch of fledgling bands for your consideration this week. Ok, so enough with the formalities, we all know what we have to do, lets jump in both feet first. Welcome to 'That New Band Smell'.


Human Sheild - Turkish Power
More aggressive than a pitbull with an attitude problem. If you like your post-hardcore with whiskey soaked riffs and vitriolic vocals, then what are you waiting for?

In Their Thousands - Tear It All Apart
Sparkly folk pop with harmonies woven tighter than my skinny jeans. The Donegal quartet have four EP's to release throughout 2012, expect them back on our playlist very soon.

Silhouette Summer - Belle
Silhouette Summer are a bubblegum quartet of Coleraine folk who delight in dishing out joyous, upbeat, major key indie pop songs. Also, the scamps may well take the award for the cheeriest band ever featured on 'That New Band Smell' and for that alone we salute you. Our featured track 'Belle' is a catchy little ear worm that doesn't seem to follow the traditional template of verse, chorus, verse. It seems to be three choruses strung together with some wicked synth sounds and a bass line that suggests repeated listening to Paul Simon. They also make fun webisodes over on their Tumblr. Get this band into your life! 


If you or anyone you know is making music then you know what you have to do, upload it to the BBC Introducing Uploader. It doesn't matter what style or genre the song is, as long as it's good and you believe in it. 



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