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Electric Picnic 2010 - LCD Soundsystem

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ATL | 11:33 UK time, Sunday, 5 September 2010

Electric Arena, Saturday 4th September, 10.45pm

Describe in a tweet: Absolutely flawless.

What Happened: If Electric Picnic ever need to make a clichéd ad for TV to sum up the vibe and atmosphere of their festival (and festivals in general), they should use footage from The Electric Arena tonight. Rammed and bouncing, hands in the air, incredible lights and a band at the peak of their powers doing a 'greatest hits' type set. The word 'perfect' should never be used in a music review, but it's hard to think of what could possibly have made this set any better.

For a start, they came on to 10cc 'I'm not in Love' as a giant disco ball drenched the stage in speckles of light. An incredible entrance, but it just got better. 'Get Innocuous' into a reworked 'Daft Punk is Playing at My House' is the best back to back we've heard so far this weekend, while 'Drunk Girls' is even sillier live than on record. By the time they get to 'Yeah' the stage is a mix of dry ice and strobes, as James Murphy and co become occasional silhouettes. It kicks off.

Electric Dreams: The encore of the utterly sublime 'Someone Great', the track that started it all ('Losing my Edge') and the ACTUAL tear-jerker that is 'New York I Love You'....do we even need to go on at this point?

Ants at a picnic: LOL, aye good one.

EP Rating: 9/10*

* it's worth noting that your reviewer wanted to give this show 10/10, but after a great deal of argument and debate (during which he was completely ganged up on) it was 'decided' that only the most life changing gigs could get full marks and, as no lives had changed, a 9/10 would have to suffice in this case. When the reviewer builds a time machine and attends Woodstock, sees The Beatles reform with the original line up or witnesses the deity descending back to earth (possibly at Oxegen), OR witnesses Chic at last year's Electric Picnic, (a show which apparently DID change lives and absolutely warranted 10/10), only then may he deal out full marks. Apparently.



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