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Electric Picnic 2010 - UNKLE

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ATL | 21:23 UK time, Sunday, 5 September 2010

Electric Arena, Sunday 5th September, 7.55pm

Describe in a tweet: Beat four defenders, round the keeper then miss an open goal.

What happened: James Lavelle has put a little effort in. Armed with a six piece band, UNKLE are, on paper, a mouth watering prospect. Dark electro, sometimes punky, sometimes epic - performed 'properly' live? Bring it on. What a shame then that it falls a little flat.

Electric Dreams: Granted James Lavelle ain't doin much up there (bar the odd dodgy backing vocal) but fair play to UNKLE for putting a band together and reworking their back catalogue in the first place. That said, it takes 'Reign' to wake us up. Then we'll trudge through the bands (patchy) recent history before getting to the very sweet, very not-like-UNKLE-at-all 'Heaven' and eventually 'Lonely Soul' from the bands glorious debut.

Ants at a picnic: Speaking of 'Psycence Fiction', that initially overhyped but eventually underrated debut - why did we only get one song? An act release a classic album (granted over a decade ago) then play a single track from it in a 60 minute set? Are you serious lads?!
Oh, and it was just really weird the band performing the likes of 'Reign' and 'Restless' to a straight vocal recording from a vocalist nowhere near Co. Laois. At least with 'Lonely Soul' they had a vocalist do his best Dickie Ashcroft impersonation.

EP rating?: 5/10


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