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Electric Picnic 2010 - Stornoway

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ATL | 23:48 UK time, Sunday, 5 September 2010

Main Stage, Sunday 5th September 2.45pm

Describe in a tweet: Pleasant valley Sunday.

What Happened: Folk acts and the British media currently go together like a country horse and elaborately over-ornate and impractical carriage, but Stornoway could buck the trend of Mumford-lite clones who think that sticking a finger in your ear equals some mystical connection to the Levellers. Not the Brighton hippies, the actual historical dudes. Anyways, we digress. Stornoway are quite the homeknit tonic for battered heads that are by now hanging by a fine thread. Starting almost apologetically, the group's opening gambit, 'We are the Battery Human' is an emancipatory call to arms. We imagine their army wouldnt be very effective as an awesome destructive fighting machine, since the boys are all very polite and well mannered and would probably apologise to the enemy before handing over the country's gold and oil reserves. We digress once again, sorry. 'Fuel Up' and 'Here Comes the Blackout' keep the interest from drifting in the main and 'Zorbing' is the biggie prompting several doses of 'folk dancing' towards the back of the stage. Almost unforgivable.   

Electric Dreams: We particularly like Brian's rather drole account of the book he purchased this morning from a shop in Stradbally. It involved a certain woman of the town being dragged up a hill until she died. It was probably the way he told it.

Ants at a picnic: There is an element to any folk repertoire that requires patience and at times it is apparent that this is an early stage in the band's development. Its not threadbare by any stretch, but in time the setlist will add a more developed sense and maturity. 

EP rating: 7/10



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