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Electric Picnic 2010 - O Emperor

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ATL | 14:51 UK time, Sunday, 5 September 2010

Cosby Stage, Sunday 5th September, 2.00pm

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: Electric Picnic delivers the goods again as we stumble upon greatness.

What happened: Sometimes, with so many styles, genres and gimmicks knocking about, it's good to get back to the core of things - the song. O Emperor are a band who strip things back to the very essence of what they do, and focus on delivering classic songwriting, in the most accomplished manner possible. These songs sound timeless, recalling the dramatic dynamics of Villagers, the psychedelic rush of Mercury Rev, and the laid-back atmosphere of 'Wish You Were Here' era Pink Floyd. It may not be an especially fashionable sound, but the quality of the performance is staggering, with everyone in the packed Cosby tent captivated by what is happening on stage.

It's still early days, but O Emperor seem to be the lord of all they survey. Now it's time to find a few more subjects to rule.

Electric Dreams: New single 'Don Quixote' finishes with an absolutely unforgettable display of melodic guitarwork. Then it all ends in a shimmering psychedelic crescendo, leaving us to hear the sound of many jaws hitting the floor.

Ants at a Picnic: The band came on a little earlier than billed, depriving us of more of this delectable performance.

EP Rating: 8/10


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