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Electric Picnic 2010 - Bonobo

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ATL | 15:11 UK time, Sunday, 5 September 2010

Main Stage, Sunday 5th September, 1:30pm

Describe in a Tweet: The Crusties are out in force!

What Happened: There's a distinct popularity of horizontal listening or mellow bopping when ATL arrives at the Main Stage. Bonobo are creating the perfect vibe for the tender heads today, with fairly non intrusive beats allowing people to relax or fall victim to its infectious grooves and rhythms.

The drummer is astonishingly good, belting out intricate jazz and hip hop beats, while musicians come and go on stage depending on the song - bass, keys, sax, flute. Much is mixed live, flowing like a DJ set but with the beauty of a live band. Andrea Triana joins them on vocals for 'Stay The Same', and the picture is complete.

It's not really necessary to 'watch' Bonobo on stage, but they set the vibe for an easy Sunday morning...

Electric Dream: Watching the drummer's immaculate style.

Ants In My Pants: Hardly the most exciting to watch live. Great musicians making no fuss.

EP Rating: 7/10


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