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Festival Flashbacks #2 - Leftfield

leftfield.jpgIn our occasional series building up to the festivals, ATL unearths another lost gem we're very much looking forward to hearing blasted out through some very large speakers in a field somewhere this summer...

ACT: Leftfield

TRACK: Phat Planet (1999)

FESTIVAL: Electric Picnic

CHANCES OF HEARING IT: Very high - arguably the band's best known track.

If you're in to electronic music in any form, you've no doubt found yourself in a heated debate with someone (usually an older relative) who thinks "BUT IT'S JUST REPETITIVE NOISE".

To be fair, Phat Planet really IS just repetitive noise - a TWO note bass line looped for nearly six minutes with nowt much more than than a few break beats and a squelchy two word refrain every now and again to keep it company.

But turned up loud, this track will shatter your ribcage and encourage strangely pleasant bowel movements. Does that sound horrendous? Look, just go see it performed live. You'll soon understand.


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