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Things That Make You Go Hum #9

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Rigsy | 15:01 UK time, Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Blur - Oily Water (Food, 1993)

Post-Glasto and pre-Oxegen, this had to be about Blur. But what song? Watching that astonishing performance on Sunday night only reminded us of the scandalous amount of amazing tunes this band have. Seriously - how much fun is it going to be around the mainstage at Oxegen around 11pm on Friday 10th July?!

Anytime I'm in company discussing Blur, I've always said Modern Life is Rubbish, their hectic wee second record, is my favourite album by Albarn and co. Of course this is nonsense - Parklife is without doubt the superior collection - but that just seems like too obvious an answer, like saying Everything Must Go is the best Manics album (something I also believe but seem somehow ashamed to admit).

Anyway, in the interest of picking a track some of you may not have heard and keeping things vaguely interesting, my Blur pick is an album track from my supposed (but not actual) favourite Blur record. It wasn't a single but it's an example of a wee gem tucked away, unfairly overshadowed by mammoth singles - in this case For Tomorrow and Sunday Sunday.

Oh, and while we're on that - here's some more wee overlooked gems:

He Thought of Cars, from The Great Escape
Birthday, from Leisure
Badhead, from Parklife
You're So Great, from Blur
Trailerpark, from 13

But yes, Oily Water. Enjoy.



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