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  1. CBeebies Playtime launch Furchester Hotel Game

    Lucy Beckett

    Content Producer, Children's

    Lucy Beckett explains how the latest app from CBeebies Playtime will see kids problem solving with Sesame Street's Elmo and Cookie Monster.

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  2. Arena Online: 'Bringing the past into the present into the future'

    Alex Jones, Arena

    Online Producer, Arena

    Arena's online producer Alex Jones gives an overview of how the programmes archives are being used to illustrate stories in the present day, and shows us around the new Arena Hotel.

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  3. Try Being Me: A new interactive experience for CBBC

    Japhet Asher

    CBBC Executive Producer, Japhet Asher, explains the development of an interactive online experience Try Being Me, aimed at helping youngsters understand living with dyslexia.

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  4. A 'beta' version of the BBC's new homepage

    Phil Fearnley

    Director of Homepage & myBBC

    In my role as General Manager for News & Knowledge at BBC Future Media, I oversee eight of the 10 major areas (we call these 'products') of BBC Online working with my editorial counterparts - including the BBC homepage. Today, we relaunched the homepage in a test ('beta') version for public u...

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  5. (Hopefully) no more tears: CBBC website relaunch

    Phil Buckley

    Executive Product Manager

    Editor's note: Phil Buckley is in charge of the CBBC web site and he's written a fascinating blog post - full of pictures and anecdotes - in which he talks about the special challenges of updating a web site loved by millions of children. Read it on the BBC Internet blog - SB. Relaunching...

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