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  1. myBBC – the most personal summer of live events from across the BBC

    Phil Fearnley

    Director of Homepage & myBBC

    Phil Fearnley explains that the BBC's goal is to make this year’s summer of sport and live events the best ever - by making it more personal and relevant to you.

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  2. Introducing the new BBC+ app

    Clare Hudson

    Executive Editor, Central Editorial

    Executive Editor, BBC Homepage, Clare Hudson, introduces a new app to the BBC portfolio.

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  3. Next steps for the BBC micro:bit

    Sinead Rocks

    Director of Education, BBC

    Head of Learning, Sinead Rocks, provides an update on the BBC micro:bit project.

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  4. Making it a #nicerInternet

    Jon Jacob

    Editor, About the BBC Blog

    Making it a #nicerInternet

    Jon Jacob rounds up the content on the BBC this week looking at how we can make digital space and social networks a nicer safer place to express ourselves, and generations to come.

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  5. It's Technacool to make it digital

    Lyn Picken

    Diversity & Inclusion Networking Manager, BBC Future Media

    Lyn Picken explains how the BBC is trying to teach some of our younger audience why a career in technology can be creative, fun and rewarding.

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  6. Helping young people Be Smart online

    Andrew Tomlinson

    Executive Producer, Media Literacy, BBC Learning

    Andrew Tomlinson, from BBC Learning, outlines an exciting video project tied in with Safer Internet Day 2015.

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  7. BBC iPlayer and iPlayer Radio content now available for 30 days

    Jon Jacob

    Editor, About the BBC Blog

    Today we announced that programmes on BBC iPlayer and BBC iPlayer Radio would now be available for a period of 30 days for catch-up listening and viewing.

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  8. CBeebies Playtime launch Furchester Hotel Game

    Lucy Beckett

    Content Producer, Children's

    Lucy Beckett explains how the latest app from CBeebies Playtime will see kids problem solving with Sesame Street's Elmo and Cookie Monster.

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