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  1. Taking the Doctor to the next dimension

    Alix Pryde

    Director, BBC Distribution

    Alix Pryde introduces Doctor Who in 3D

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  2. 3D Stink

    Kim Shillinglaw

    Controller, BBC Two

    Kim Shillinglaw talks about the creative ways 3D is used in David Walliams's Mr Stink 

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  3. Making Planet Dinosaur - Ultimate Killers in 3D

    Jon Jacob

    Editor, About the BBC Blog

    Nigel Paterson is series producer for Planet Dinosaur. Here he blogs about what was involved in making the 3D version of BBC One's award-winning Planet Dinosaur. It was very early on in the production of Planet Dinosaur that the embryonic thought of a 3D version was seeded. It was when we real...

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  4. The 3D Wimbledon experiment - your reactions

    Earlier in the Summer, I led a team which delivered our first live 3D broadcasts to homes around the UK. We wanted to get this year's Wimbledon finals out to everyone who has so far bought a 3D set (and the glasses that go with it) and so we used the BBC HD channel to show the matches - free of c...

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  5. 3D for Wimbledon - the future of TV?

    The first time I visited Wimbledon I expected it to look and feel exactly like it does on television. After years of sitting in front of the screen watching the balls, and spectators' heads, swinging backwards and forwards I thought I knew what sitting on Centre Court would be like. I realised th...

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