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Don't underestimate toddlers, they like Shakespeare too

Kay Benbow

Controller, CBeebies

CBeebies Midsummer Night's Dream

CBeebies Controller Kay Benbow gave an interview to The Telegraph's arts correspondent, Hannah Furness. Talking about the BBC's pre-school audience she said: “the very young deserve the very best”. The article goes on:

"There are so many things that people assume young children won't be interested in, and I think that's very much an adult perspective,” she said. “If you give children the opportunity to listen, to look, to participate, they will seize it.

“Of course not everyone's going to love classical music, but it's about putting the opportunity out there and giving them a chance to experience things.”

She said previous broadcasting wisdom had laid down that young children can concentrate for between three and 15 minutes before becoming distracted.

“I've never really subscribed to that,” she said. “If you engage a child, they will sit for a huge amount of time.

“You mustn't prejudge what children will and won't like: give them the opportunity to experience and make their own choices.”

You can read the piece in full on The Telegraph website.

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