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New BBC Bitesize revision app will help teenagers get through their exams

Lisa Percy

Executive Editor, Bitesize, BBC Learning

Like me, you probably remember making countless revision cards as a stressed 16 year-old desperately trying to prepare for summer exams.

Today’s teenagers are no different, but of course now their lives revolve around their smartphone.

The recent Childwise Monitor Report found that 94% of 15-16 year-olds have their own mobile phone, spending four hours per day on average accessing the internet on it, with 61% saying that their phone is the first thing they check in the morning, and/or the last thing they check at night.

That’s why BBC Learning is launching a new revision app, bringing Bitesize revision flashcards direct to smartphones.

Flashcards will mix text, audio, video, infographics, quotes and quizzes to help teenagers understand and learn what they need to know for their exams. We believe it will be a real help to students in those critical weeks before sitting their GCSEs in England, Wales and Northern Ireland or their Nationals and Highers in Scotland.

We know that children and young people already value BBC Bitesize. In the summer term, an incredible nine out of ten students in Key Stage 4 who use the internet for study say they use Bitesize. We pride ourselves in providing students with the information they need and can trust, as well as support and motivation at what can be a really stressful time. 

After last summer’s GCSE exams, we commissioned independent research to find out what students felt about the difference Bitesize made to their revision and results. Four fifths of Bitesize users agreed that ‘Bitesize helped me feel more prepared for my exams’ (80%); Just over half of Bitesize users agreed ‘Bitesize helped me to achieve better grades in my GCSEs’ (57%) and ‘I’d have found it harder to get through my GCSEs without Bitesize’ (51%), whilst 45% agreed ‘I’d have done worse in my GCSEs without Bitesize’. That’s a real endorsement of the BBC’s commitment to supporting young people through their education.

What’s really exciting about the new Bitesize revision app is the way it brings personalisation to our formal learning offer for the first time. By signing in and entering information, including their country within the UK, school year, subjects and exam boards, the app will only present students with the revision material they need. We’ll be extending this signed-in personalisation to the desktop Bitesize in the coming year. Students of all ages will then enjoy a significantly improved experience when using the BBC’s online formal learning site, seeing only the Bitesize content that’s relevant to them.

BBC Bitesize has been supporting students for many years now, and we know that revision isn’t fun. Many students find exam time tough, so we’re really pleased to be able to offer this app as a practical tool to help see them through the revision period. Staying motivated, keeping calm and getting to grips with those facts and figures can be hard, but the BBC is here to help.

Lisa Percy is Executive Editor, Bitesize, BBC Learning

  • The app is now available to download free for Android (via Google Play) and iPhone (from the Apple iTunes App Store).
  • Read more information about the Bitesize app on the Media Centre website.
  • Discover more about our revision and learning service on the BBC Bitesize website.

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