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Why has Bitesize changed?

John Millner

Executive Producer, BBC Knowledge & Learning

The new Bitesize site brings together in one place all the BBC’s formal education content - not just the familiar Bitesize learner guides covering all the main secondary subjects, but also new primary guides and thousands of curriculum-mapped video clips for both secondary and primary classrooms.

Built on the latest technology, the new site is better designed, easier to use and easier to update. It will also work as well, if not better, on mobiles and tablets than it does on desktop and laptop computers, so you’ll be able to take Bitesize with you wherever you go and learn on the move.

The new Bitesize is now up and running with around 7,000 classroom clips in place – re-encoded at considerably higher quality. Also in place are most of the Secondary guides covering Key Stages 3 and 4 of the National Curriculum, and National 4, 5 and Highers in the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence.

You’ll also find the first of our new primary guides, supporting the new Computing curriculum at KS1 and KS2, as well as Computer Science content across all secondary levels.

All the content has been updated to bring it into line with recent curriculum changes, and you can now navigate much more easily - by Nation, by level (Key stage 3, National 4 etc) or by subject - to the topic you need. You’ll also find a much greater range of links to other online study support resources.

Migrating and transforming all our existing education content has been a huge undertaking, but we’re now racing to finish the job. Expect to see many more primary and secondary guides, plus new rich media, interactives and ‘personalisation’ features added to the site over the next 12 months.

In the meantime, if you’re looking for KS3 or GCSE content that we’ve not yet migrated to the new site, don't worry. It will still be available in its old location until we move it, and putting the level and subject you're looking for into a search engine should take you straight to it. If you have subjects from the old Bitesize site bookmarked in your browser, these bookmarks will still work, redirecting you to the new content if it’s already been moved.

We know that while we’re still in transition from old to new Bitesize there’ll be some rough edges and imperfections in the new product, but we will continually improve it. I hope you will tell us what you think using the feedback button on the new site’s banner, so that we can fix any problems. Once all BBC education content has settled into its new home, we’re certain our offer to school-based learners will be massively improved.

John Millner is Executive Producer, BBC Knowledge and Learning.


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