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The first Russian Service TV broadcast from New Broadcasting House

Oleg Antonenko

Editor's note: Oleg Antonenko, presenter of the Russian Service TV bulletin talks about his first broadcast from New Broadcasting House.

On the eve of our first broadcast from W1, I heard one phrase dozens of times: "You are making history."

And on 1 May 2012 we did just that.

Presenter Oleg Antonenko. Picture Credit: Alistair Beavis, BBC World Service

In actual fact, this wasn't the first broadcast the Russian Service had made to Russia. The first TV broadcast went out in March from Bush House - home to the BBC Russian Service for more than 75 years.

For me - someone who has spent almost 15 years of my professional life on the radio as a DJ, talk show host, reporter, and a news and current affairs presenter - it was a new chapter and a new challenge too.

My colleagues still keep asking me how it feels to present a TV bulletin. "It feels really good," I reply, "and years of live radio experience has really helped too." But what I appreciate more now is that I have to think of more than just my voice.

As someone said to me recently, "clothes and manners do not make the man, but, when he is made, they greatly improve his appearance".

I would add make-up to that list. Honestly, before I started presenting TV I only had a theoretical knowledge of what stylists and make-up artists do. Now I can talk for hours about the best methods for removing make-up. Not only that, I now have to shave every day of my life.

On a serious note however, this story is really about team work. Our crew - the directors, cameramen, and producers are all learning together as they produce the programme.

Our programme covers international events and reflects on how the international community, including Britain, reacts to significant news from Russia. Each bulletin only lasts ten minutes and although it seems small, I am really pleased to play a part in making history with this first Russian TV broadcast for the World Service.

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